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An Excellent place with great ambience for a office trip. Located in the centre of a Coffee estate made things better esp. the tent like a Jungle Lodge. The trek near to Champakaranya is an excellent place with beautiful scenery and wild life habitat and Bird Watching. The Soligas dance was a special feature with Good Food just like our home. It is near to K Gudi and made the trip all the more enjoying. The Camp fire at night made us relax. The homestay is in the viscinity of the Ranganatha Temple with a great scenic view from Temple top. One of the Best Places in BR hills is Champakaranya. Worth a visit
I highly recommend Champakaranya in BR Hills for both families and wildlife/bird enthusiasts. It is strategically located - 18 kms from K Gudi camp. The accommodation is very neat - what you see on their web site is exactly what you get in reality. The staff are very friendly. Food is pure vegetarian and very tasty as well. Despite having 3 small children in our group, we had no issues with anything - either the accommodation or the food or any of the facilities there. Though there are perennial challenges with power in this region, we never felt any discomfort as there was a constant generator back up as well. The staff there are very friendly. I would like to make a special mention of two of them - Srinivas and Prashanth. Srinivas ensured that there was absolutely no problem with any of the facilities including food and beverages. Prashanth was very helpful with several things such as - arranging a wildlife safari, helping us spot some extremely rare species of birds, taking us on a trek for bird photography, etc.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the entire experience. I will definitely return to this place for more. I would like to thank Mr.Vasudeva Rao and Mr.Satish for managing this place so efficiently. Please continue to maintain the same standards.

We had fantastic time at Champakaranya, a simple farm house at BR Hills in Dec 2012. This farm house is new, and coming up.. and well maintained!!

The beauty lies in the BR Hills itself.. it is absolute blissful place for people who love the wild! BR Hills has been declared Tiger Reserve and has resident Soliga Tribes. One can spend two days easily going around the heavenly forests of BR hills and visiting the Soliga Tribe rehabilitation centres. These rehab centres also have sales of natural honey, handloom cottons and few other products.

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